Are You The Right Fit For Our Team?

Being a Caregiver is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can have. You are bringing help to the helpless, and being a blessing to those who really need you. Each applicant will be interviewed and fairly considered for work with our agency.

Criteria for hire are based on the following:

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Caregivers Are Family

We treat all our employee caregivers like part of the family. All Caregivers are hired as employees, not independent contractors. This means that you are part of the team, and not on your own. All Caregivers are covered by the companies Workers Compensation Policy in the event of an injury, and all employees are entitled to complementary treatments at the Universal Health & Rehabilitation Center next door to our Islip office. We believe a healthy employee is a happy employee!

Covid-19 Testing At Our Facility

Since the owner of SeniorCare Companions is a Doctor, we have the luxury of performing Covid-19 PCR testing right here in our facility. This means you do not have to go and wait all day on lines at a medical center. This special benefit is only for our caregiver employees.

Paid Time Off

Working for our agency, we also adhere to the NYS Dept of Labor sick/safe time rules, which allow all employees to accrue safe/sick time off as they work for our agency over the course of a year. Each employee can earn up to 56 hours of sick time every year so they can get paid even when they are out of work. We also offer quarantine pay for all employees who test positive for Covid, so they can stay home, get well, and return to work in a safe manner.

Your Job Is Yours

Our coordinators are your friends, and when you need time off for a vacation or emergency, they will be hard at work making sure your case is covered, and that when your able to return, your job is waiting for you.

Build A Solid Resume

As part of our hiring process, all employees will receive a Certificate of Training Completion from our Agency. This certificate proudly states that you are qualified to work for our agency, and that you have passed all the requirements for employment. For all employees in good standing, we will also stand behind you in the event you need a letter of recommendation for higher learning or job opportunity.

Get Paid By Direct Deposit

All Caregivers are paid via direct deposit, and you can be rest assured that when payday comes, your check will be in your bank. We take care of all payroll taxes and deductions, so that when it is time to file for your income tax return, we have all the information you need.

What We Offer:

Senior Care Companions
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