Sleep Tips for Seniors

Did you know that our sleep patterns change with age? Studies show that older adults often suffer from chronic sleep problems. The worst part is: over 50% of cases go undiagnosed. If you notice your sleeping pattern changing the older you get, it’s more normal than you think.  What affects your sleeping pattern You may …

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Helpful Terminology for New Caregivers

A helpful guide to caregiving terms and abbreviations   Basic Care Related Terms and Abbreviations ALF– The abbreviation for an assisted living facility. LTC- Abbreviation for long-term care SNF– Abbreviation for skilled nursing facility (you may hear some refer to this as a “sniff”) Hospice– Specialized end-of-life care provided by professionals specifically trained to provide …

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How to Balance Support and Independence for Seniors

The ability to remain self-sufficient is essential for everyone at any age. That does not change for seniors. Independence is often one of the things they feel they have control over.  Often, seniors can remain independent but need help with day-to-day tasks such as housekeeping, monitoring medications, and care.  Keeping seniors involved in decision-making helps …

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Senior Care Companions
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